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Sensica sensiLift Base Gel 60ml

Supercharge your Sensica treatment

Sensica sensiLift Base Gel 60ml

Supercharge your Sensica treatment


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  • Three-ball delivery stem for even distribution
  • Lightweight, glycerine-based
  • Enhances delivery of the Dynamic RF Energy
  • Encourages muscle lifting and tightness when used with your SensiLift device
  • Allows your device to glide easily
  • Helps reduce lines and wrinkles

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Notas del editor

Radio Frequency technology has long been a favourite of ours for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, but not all devices come recommended to treat areas beyond your jawline.

When used with your device, the SensiLift Base Gel helps to heat the tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen.

The three-ball stem helps deliver an even supply of gel ensuring that you're using the perfect amount with your device.

Specifically formulated to help your device glide along the treatment area whilst providing a pleasant, pain-free feeling.

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  • SensiLift Base Gel 60ml

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Lightweight and Safe

The Radio Frequency waves gently penetrate your skin's tissue, reaching the deepest layers of your skin - the dermal layers, where collagen fibres can be found.

When these collagen fibres are safely heated to the optimum temperature, they cause the skin to tighten and improve its elasticity.

The Base Gel helps the RF Technology penetrate the treatment area and maximises the most out of your device.

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